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about the Roda Magazine

The magazine really works as an original alternative to a traditional space that has already been filled, occupied in a concentrated way (magazines focused on one or at most three artistic or essayistic subjects) or mixed (magazines attacking all flanks of cultural and urban politics) in several publications over the last forty, fifty years.

The space of cultural articles, the humanities as it were (performing arts, literature, music, plastic arts), and essays that go by philosophies, anthropologies, archeology, sociology, economics, politics, general thinking, etc.


The space of discussion, provocation, the clash of opinions and densities. Powerful Superficialities.


That is the space.


From Reality to Bravo, through the underground publications of the seventies or specialized such as Select, for example,  all then try to keep the flame of this kind of humanist approach, that is, Renaissance at its core, talking about all subjects with a voracity of emergency, of necessity, in a world increasingly fragmented into niches of mental poverty, vast spaces of ignorance and functional illiteracy duly pampered by digital excitations, informational dispersions. This is the empty glass.


In a world that keeps us alert to what happens in the social sphere, in the organic sphere, in the scope of the audiovisual spectacle in which life has transformed, poking our desires to enjoy, share, navigate, delete, search, produce, always wanting more digital excitement, urban, by the pornography of the total transparency of all the events of life on Earth thrown in the face of people all the time.


This is the space that has to be filled, offered. The Brazil of a lot of brains.


The Roda (that means wheel in portuguese) reinventing everything.


To speak of all subjects with a voracity of a cornered Renaissance, Humanism cornered by the Technocracy that rules in the world today, by the thought of the citizen efficiency. The shock between Antiquities, Humanisms and the Tecnoavalanche of social, neurological, genetic, robotic, computational, geological, meteorological, etc. engineering is what generates contemporary beauty.


The beauty of the total risk that characterizes the super metropolises. The Roda needs to occupy even more the space of provocative discussions.


On the internet or other media.


A tradition of reflecting amid general noise.


Think about the noises.


You have to have Roda while it is possible, while rolling.


Fausto Fawcett.

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