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Lady Gaga reborn even better

At the beginning of the documentary 'Gaga: Five Foot Two', released in 2017, singer Lady Gaga speaks of happiness and expectation with the invitation of Bradley Cooper to star in the new version of "A Star Is Born." Without realizing it, she was heralding a significant turning point in her career.

After opening another musical strand in the praised project with singer Tony Bennet, Gaga definitely opened a new artistic possibility for his acting career doing the film. Many may not even like her, but the truth is that you can never ignore the trajectory of this blonde born in New York and with lots of Italian blood in her veins.

The initial project of the film was in the hands of Clint Eastwood, who had Beyoncé Knowles as protagonist. But the pregnancy of JayZ's wife ended up bringing Cooper to the direction and, consequently, Lady Gaga. These two changes were probably responsible for the movie's success and also for the near presence of them at the upcoming Oscar.

It is worth mentioning that: besides being an excellent actor, Cooper has proved to be an extremely talented and generous director with his stage partners, especially Gaga. And the blond artist, who had already grabbed a Golden Globe for her part in 'American Horror Story' serie, was quite comfortable to shine in the role of the young singer who dreams of stardom.

® Ivan Costa

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