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The best of Magritte

If you are in San Francisco, take advantage of the exhibit "René Magritte: The Fifth Season" at SF MOMA (Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco) until next Sunday (October 28). The exclusive show features more than 70 works by the Belgian artist and makes us know a lot about the last - and extraordinary - phase of his career.

This is the most complete exhibition in the world, which will not travel anywhere else. It is about the surrealist works signed by Magritte, one of the greatest symbols of the movement governed by the impulses of the subconscious. The show focuses on paintings created from 1943 to 1967, the year he died (age 68), and presents the radical turn in the artist's career, which abandoned the classical style to investigate the role of art and its multiple meanings.

Some of his most iconic paintings are part of the exhibition, such as those that use hypertrophy, one of the hallmarks of his work: he used to change the proportion of family objects, creating images of great strangeness. The proposal of the show is very well explained in an excellent audio ready to be heard through headphones, which tells stories about the artist and the works presented.

On output, the audience can still play to interact with panels that reproduce Magritte's paintings and register on pictures this time. Definitely worth facing queues that inevitably will form on the door of the Museum until next Sunday.

To get tickets and more information, please contact or call 414 357-4000.

® Luciana Werner

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