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The millennium singer doesn't spare words

Elza Soares . Daryan Dornelles

Elza Soares always had a voice. Voice to sing and voice to talk about everything. From an early age, she struggled hard to achieve the respect that goes with her until now. Overcomed the biggest possible losses and kept walking, always looking forward. She dives into the past just to answer some questions, but soon come back to the present. Because in the present the interpreter feels more comfortable to be herself and to serve as inspiration for several generations of artists.

® How do you see the album "God is Woman" within your vast and eclectic discography?

I am so happy with this work that I can not stop thanking God and my team, who made all this happen, as well as other records, such as "From the Coccyx to the Neck" and "The Woman at the End of the World", which were discs very important in my career and, no doubt, in Brazilian music. I see myself in "God is Woman". It is stronger, touches more the wounds, is more explicit and also more solar. Because, despite all that we are experiencing, this album brings a message of hope. God is woman, no doubt!

® In addition to the fact that God is a woman, how you define God?

A powerful energy that is above any gender. God is everything we believe in ...

® What's is the difference from being a woman nowadays compared to your youth?

Although we have to fight daily for our space and make us listen, even with all the chauvinism we still have, now the woman can shout, get others a request for help, change ... But we have much to fight still!

® Have you ever passed the image of being a liberated and sexually fulfilled woman, is that true? How to deal with sexuality at your age? Is it possible to feel complete about sex in this phase of life?

This subject for me has never been taboo. I think the woman has to talk and live her sexuality however she wants. Today, I'm in love with myself. If I had known I was hot, I hadn't given myself so much. I am exercising self-esteem, I am at this stage and complete. I'm married to my job and my fans.

® With so much hate and intolerance being disseminated on social networks, fighting it is a matter for all and not just for minorities. You have gone through a number of similar situations in your life and become a symbol of strength and courage in the fight against prejudice. What do you have to say to those who still look at it with detachment?

Really, my fight is against hate. People are very bitter, but we can't get carried away by this feeling. We need to fight, we need to scream! But with much love and understanding. With discernment and love we will arrive at the destiny that we design more victorious. Love and faith always!

® Many people say that Brazil, although multiracial, is one of the most racist and prejudiced countries in the world, since this prejudice is usually veiled. What do you think about this?

Yes, Brazil is very prejudiced, very racist. We have to see things as they are, we can't live by appearances. We are all black in Brazil and we deny our origin. We have to be proud to be who we are.

® With so much corruption, violence, abandonment and chaos, is it still possible to believe in a better future for Brazil?

I still believe in Brazil. I know it's getting more difficult every day, but if we do not change, if we do not believe in us, who will believe? Without hope there is no future.

® With a biography coming, a musical in your honor, recognition of the criticism and, especially, reverence of the new generation, what is the balance that you make of your career up to here? Would you change anything in your trajectory?

It would not change anything, because I believe everything was already written. Today I have two businessman who take care of Elza, which are Juliano Almeida and Pedro Loureiro. Today I feel safe, I only worry about my art, maybe if I had them before my story would have been different. But I would not change anything, I'm living a very happy moment in my personal and professional life.

® The death that challenged you throughout your life, taking children and husband ahead of time, never scared you? What do you have to say to her?

I kick her!

® Luciana Werner

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