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An update of 10 classic rock album covers

Just imagine recreating 10 classic illustrations of rock album covers using all techniques available, such as Photoshop and 3D. A daring project which took over 15 years to turn from dream into reality.

Designer Flavio Albino has always been a rock fan and - like every teenage rock fan - had a band. He soon realized that his talent was not in the guitar, but in the cover art that always fascinated him. So, he chose to study Graphic Design in order to create the album covers of the bands he admired so much.

He ended up working in publicity and became partner at Platinum FMD, an international multi awarded company that specializes in image and video creations. In its 28 years, Platinum has already won numerous awards. Among them, seven Cannes Lions, three NY Festival Clios and three London Festival Awards. One of its images is, in fact, part of the permanent Louvre archive.

Flavio, however, has never given up his dream and has managed to create record covers of some brazilian bands in his spare time. In contact with the most modern methods of image creation on the market, he increasingly saw more possibilities to make his dream of recreating some of those covers which influenced him as an artist come true. Therefore, he decided to get together with some partners he has worked with and finally put the project into practice.

That is how "Rock ReCover Project" was born. A project dedicated not only to rock fans, but also art fans in general, who will be able to see the transformation of surreal illustrations into ultra realistic images.

® Ivan Costa

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